Children's teeth & Preventive dentistry

Children's teeth & Preventive dentistry

Sealant – filling holes

What is Sealant?

Sealant - this is a method of coating a thin layer of medicine on the chewing surface of teeth, usually the back teeth (molars and molars), to prevent tooth decay. Sealant will quickly adhere to the pits and grooves on the chewing surface of the tooth and form a shield that protects the tooth from decay.
Complex pits on the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth or at the anterior ridges are difficult to clean with conventional oral hygiene methods. They are often the first sites of bacterial attack. Sealant helps to seal these holes, protecting them from bacteria attack.


Who might be the right audience to implement sealant?

Everyone, from children to adults, with complex fissures on the chewing surfaces of back teeth or anterior heels that have not been carious or filled can receive a sealant to prevent tooth decay. In particular, children are often the main subjects of this type of preventive treatment, because the permanent teeth of children have just come in and have not been worn down like adult teeth, so the pits and grooves are still deep and have a complex structure. where food gets stuck easily, ideal for bacterial growth.
Children should perform Sealant on permanent molars and molars as soon as these teeth erupt.
In some cases, Sealant can also be used on baby teeth, especially those with deep grooves on the chewing surface. Because baby teeth play an extremely important role in maintaining the space for permanent teeth, baby teeth need to be maintained in a healthy state, otherwise baby teeth will easily decay and have to be extracted soon.


How is Sealant done?

The process of making Sealant is very simple and painless. Performing Sealant only takes a few minutes for 1 tooth. The implementation of Sealant is carried out according to the following steps:

  • First, the teeth will be cleaned
  • Then, one by one, the teeth will be dried, isolating the saliva
  • A low pH solution will be applied to the chewing surface to clean and treat the tooth surface, which will help the sealant adhere to the tooth surface.
  • The teeth will be washed and dried afterwards.
  • Sealant will then be applied on the enamel surface, especially the grooves on the chewing surface   and will be solidified. Sometimes depending on the material, a spotlight can be used to help the sealant harden.


How long can Sealant be used?

Sealants can protect teeth from decay for up to 10 years, but they should be checked periodically for chipping or wear. The dentist will be able to replace the sealant if necessary.

Sealant at Radiant Dental

In addition to the above-mentioned mechanical protective effects, Radiant Dental uses Sealant with the ability to release fluoride, better protect teeth from bacteria and make teeth stronger.

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