About Us

About Us

Dentistry Rang Ngoi

The specialties that are strengths of Dentistry Rang Ngoi include: Orthodontics and Implants performed by a team of expert doctors, under the guidance of Master - Doctor Chau My Hoa, an expert in the field of Orthodontics. Orthodontist, member of Executive Committee of Vietnam Association of Orthodontists (VAO), member of World Association of Orthodontists (WFO).

Dentistry Rang Ngoi aims to become a prestigious Dentistry brand throughout Vietnam.

Bringing Rang Ngoi beauty and confidence to customers' smiles.

In addition to a team of highly qualified doctors and staff, Dentistry Rang Ngoi is also equipped with the most advanced and modern Dentistry equipment in the world to ensure providing customers with high-class service quality worthy of customers. international level. The system of modern equipment and technology not only improves the quality of treatment, but also gives customers a gentle and comfortable treatment experience at Dentistry Rang Ngoi.

Dentistry Rang Ngoi performs aseptic procedures according to international standards. The sterile room is equipped according to the standards of the international Dentistry clinic. With machines imported or ordered from Europe. Coming to Dentistry Rang Ngoi, you will be completely assured with the absolute aseptic process according to the standards of the International Dentistry Association.

With a harmonious combination of modern equipment, highly specialized team, precise and advanced treatment process and dedication to work, Dentistry Rang Ngoi Center always brings customers services most senior.

Team of experts

Orthodontic specialist
MSc. Dr. Chau Thi My Hoa
Implant specialist
MSc. Dr. Dam Van Viet
General Dentist
Dr. Nguyen Chau Minh Anh
General dentist
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tram

Equipment & technology

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