Children's teeth & Preventive dentistry

Children's teeth & Preventive dentistry

Children's teeth

Currently, many parents wonder about the age of orthodontic intervention for their children. Should I wait until the baby has completely changed teeth, or should I take her to the dentist when she has just begun to change teeth?


Headgear - an effective tool to help straighten your baby's teeth into the right position

In fact, in many cases, the baby's teeth and jaw bone develop so severely that it is only necessary to start intervention late that orthodontic treatment becomes impossible, but needs to be carried out by more complex methods such as: jaw surgery.
Therefore, Rang Ngoi Dental recommends that you take your child to the dental clinic as soon as possible (about 6 years old), right after the first incisor tooth is replaced, so that the doctor can examine and diagnose bone deviations early. if any, and will make a treatment plan for the baby in time.
The rapid development of medicine in general, and the science of orthodontics in particular, along with advances in technology, have created a lot of tools and methods to effectively straighten children's teeth from different ages. young age. In which, HEADGEAR is considered an "effective weapon" to help children have a beautiful smile and confidence, creating a stepping stone for their success in the future.


What is Headgear?

HEADGEAR is an instrument that helps regulate the growth of the upper jaw, helping the baby's jaw bone to develop harmoniously, thereby, the teeth will also be arranged in the correct bite. In case the baby has a protrusion, HEADGEAR will correct the wrong development of the upper jaw bone with the lower jaw bone in the anterior and posterior direction, reducing the child's degree of bone protrusion.


What is Headgear? It is composed of several components as follows:

  • The metal “face bow” is the part that fits in the mouth.
  • The neckband wraps around the neck.
  • Connected to the neck part are 2 safety pullers to release force.
  • These components will be adjusted to control the pressure placed on the HEADGEAR system.


How long should I wear Headgear to treat my baby's teeth?
Wearing time depends on 4 factors:

  • Perseverance wearing headgear
  • Degree of need for repair for each case
  • The degree of growth of the face
  • Individual response to treatment

The most important factor is the adherence to wearing the HEADGEAR 10-12 hours a day. Adhering to this schedule will yield well-deserved results.

Wearing for less than 10 hours will prolong the treatment time and the results will not be as desired. At night when going to bed is a favorable time to wear the HEADGEAR for a long time and continuously. Wearing HEADGEAR regularly and for a period of 12-18 months will bring great results.

During treatment, you need to bring your baby to the clinic every month for the doctor to check and monitor his condition to ensure the best outcome for him.

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